About me


Hi everybody and welcome to Top Left Kitchen, home to delicious, wholesome and (mostly!) healthy recipes! I am Leonora, lover of coffee and Marmite and the creator behind this food blog. I want to inspire you to cook exciting and fun dishes from scratch without it seeming like a burden or chore. I believe that good and tasty food shouldn’t be complicated.

Although my recipes don’t cater to a specific diet, I like to think I have an option for any dietary requirement. I also include substitutions in some of my recipes that are also tried and tested.

I started my blog in 2020 as a creative outlet more than anything. I have always loved cooking and, it has always been a big thing in my family. My dad used to cook dinner every night from scratch and, I think it is so important to have that time with your family, friends, partner or just yourself to wind down and enjoy what you are doing as a little escape from the stresses of life.

Eating a good meal that nourishes the body cures a magnitude of sins and makes everything right with the world, even on the worst days. As my mum always says ‘tomorrow is a new day’ and, nothing depicts this better than putting your comfy clothes on and enjoying a delicious dinner before the new day comes.

We all have some form of escape whether that be reading, listening to music or exercise. Mine is cooking and creating recipes, this could be a spin on a classic or a made-up creation.

I want to inspire you all to cook and make it easy, not the gruelling task some of you think it is. My recipes will delight even the fussiest of eaters, I guarantee it!

Remember, don’t forget to tag me in your creations and leave a comment!

I can’t wait to see what you make!
Love, Leonora x