Highlights Of The Week – Feb 14th 2021

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A smiley face on a tree in the park

Welcome back to another post on my highlights of the week!

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Look at that lovely tree I found in the park! Definitely made me smile and hope it does the same for you.

To all of you who do celebrate it wether it be with your other half, your best pal, yourself or use it as an excuse for a slap-up meal, Happy Valentine’s Day! A different one to the usual this year for many of us, all restaurants are closed so we have to make the best of the situation at home. The good news is that I have you sorted with a 3-course meal which will set you up for the week and leave you feeling good!!

To start, this baked honey and rosemary baked camembert is UNREAL!! A classic but tastes so delicious, cheesy and fragrant. It will start the meal off just right that’s for sure. To follow, this 20-minute posh carbonara! THE carbonara of dreams, with crispy prosciutto and sage. A flavour combo that is out of this world and tastes delicious. To finish, the ultimate dessert a chocolate molten lava cake that is ridiculously easy to make and completely fool-proof. You will have a runny, bursting liquid centre of oozing chocolate every time, I guarantee it.

If that hasn’t convinced you to make it, I don’t know what will. To be honest, serving this up during the week is not a bad idea either, who says you need Valentine’s day to enjoy a slap-up meal!?

Callum walked in with a bunch of flowers and gave me a box of Lindt chocolates; he certainly knows the way to my heart that’s for sure. I spent my morning sipping coffee and munching on my chocolates whilst watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. The perfect start to the day!! What are you up to today? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Favourite Dinner

For a warming and tasty dinner, try out this carrot and ginger soup! It is so easy to make and has been my weekly go-to for the past two months! Considering the weather here in Scotland, it is freezing and, a good dinner in the form of warming and comforting bowl is a must.

Carrot and Ginger Soup

What’s Cooking Next Week?

I’ve got an exciting menu coming up next week and testing out so many different recipes and, I cannot wait. I am sharing such a delicious side it will blow your mind!! It is a great balance of sweet and savoury, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I am also working on something super exciting behind the scenes and will share a little more info on that soon!!

What I’ve Got My Eye On…

Loving these retro cans at the moment!! We have one and store ground coffee in it, such a great way to add character to your kitchen and make it fun. This Vespa one is beautiful, and thinking that will be the next one we purchase.

I have a confession to make I used to HATE baths. Just really disliked them, and how the tables have turned now! Absolutely love them and find them so relaxing after a busy day. I’ve been seriously contemplating one of these bath boards for the ultimate bathing experience (if that’s even a thing)!

These beeswax food wraps, I am sure I am late to the party here but, I try to be sustainable where I can and, these look brilliant especially considering the number of leftovers we always have! Love the patterns and colours too. Has anyone else tried these?

I am sure some of you can relate but my feet have been freezing this week, I can’t seem to get them warm no matter how many socks I pile onto my feet. Currently have my eye on these bed socks, perfect for getting my feet toastie before bed.

I keep seeing all these stunning garden focaccias all over social media, if you want a hack at it Spring is coming and, they make for the most beautiful table centrepiece. You can fill yours with delicious meats and cheeses. Drooling as I type this.

Favourite Questions

Earlier this week, I asked you to ask anything about me or the blog and decided to answer my favourite and most common questions here. I have picked three this week.

  1. Is the blog your full-time job?
    Honestly feels like it considering how much time I spend on it but no, it is not. Hopefully, I will get there one day though as it is my dream to grow this and make it my career! Thank you to all of you who support me and read my blog.
  2. What is your favourite shortcut/cooking hack?
    This may sound like a strange one but, I would say using extra virgin olive oil in everything I make. I literally couldn’t live without it and always makes everything taste so good, you can’t go wrong with it.
  3. What’s your favourite thing about running the blog?
    In short, everything but I love being able to cook exciting and delicious food everyday and share my recipes with you.

Free Time Loving

Currently prioritising being able to switch off where I can. Whether that be making time for a hobby or just taking a bath, this article is a great reminder to prioritise yourself especially, during a lockdown.

I started listening to ‘A Bed of Lies’ podcast and, it will blow your mind! Just a quick synopsis so I don’t spoil too much but, it is about four women and, they have all been in relationships for a few years where they thought they had found the perfect man. Until each of them finds the men they trusted were seriously lying to them about everything. I haven’t finished it yet but, my eyes always seem to widen during certain points. This is a true story too making it even creepier.

Currently, watching A Modern Family to unwind. I stopped watching it after four seasons and, started getting back into it once it got added to Netflix. It is hilarious and always cheers me up. The episodes are short making it such an easy and comforting watch.

I hope you have an amazing Sunday full of good food and laughter.

See you next week!

Love, Leonora x

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